MPAC Calls for TSA Investigation Of AirTran for Removal Of Muslim Passengers

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council

The Muslim Public Affairs Council today called on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to open an investigation of AirTran Airlines, which removed nine Muslim American passengers from a flight yesterday after two other passengers heard them making what they thought were suspicious remarks about security.

Eight of the nine passengers, including three children, are U.S.-born citizens who were headed to a religious retreat in Florida. Passengers reported that the Muslim passengers were having suspicious conversations, which resulted in an evacuation of all 104 passengers on the AirTrain flight.

Kashif Irfan said his younger brother Atif and his brother’s wife were discussing the safest place to sit on the plane, when they were overheard by two young girls who reported them to a flight attendant as engaging in suspicious behavior.

The airline and FBI called the incident a misunderstanding, but AirTran refused to rebook the passengers, who had to pay for seats on another carrier secured with help from the FBI.