Jain Sects Prepare for Show of Strength

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Ahmedabad Newsline


Ahmedabad, June 22: While the community looks forward to them to address the fuming feuds within, the bitter clash among the spiritual leaders and trustees of the Girdharnagar Shwetambar Murtipujak Sangh has resulted in the ouster of the leader of Dui-tithi sect, Sanyam Kirti Vijay Maharaj, from the Upashraya in Shahibaug.

Shahibaug Upashraya, which houses the shravaks (celibates) from both the sects (Dui-tithi and Ek-tithi), has been for long dealing with the ideological differences of the sects. Until recently, the differences were resolved amicably without much of a fiasco.

However, as the Upashraya celebrates its 54th anniversary on Monday next, both the sects have geared up for a show of strength.

According to Kumarpal Shah, former Executive Committee member, and a follower of the Dui-tithi sect, the trouble started brewing when the followers of the other sect who claim to have bigger number[s] of supporters started staking their supremacy in terms of religious rites and marginalising the members of the other sect.

Kumarpal, whose ancestors had set up this temple, said that such a situation was settled through the intervention of Charity Commissioner and Gujarat High Court in 2005, when the Sangh was directed to allow both the sects to perform their rites simultaneously. “However, since then, the bad blood between the sects had increased,” Shah added.