East Tempe, AZ Mosque Vandalized

Source: The Arizona Republic


On September 19, 2003, The Arizona Republic reported that “Muslim leaders and police spoke out against the latest attack at a Tempe mosque after vandals spray-painted the front door early Thursday…Muslims and Tempe Police Chief Ralph Tranter [spoke] at a press conference outside the Islamic Cultural Center…This is the fifth incident of vandalism at the center this year. In July, vandals set fire to a car parked there, and the three other incidents also involved vehicles.”

East Tempe, AZ Mosque Vandalized

Source: East Valley Tribune

On September 19, 2003 the East Valley Tribune reported that “swastikas and other symbols spray-painted on a Tempe mosque Thursday have stirred fears that hate crimes are on the rise. ‘This is classic Nazi skinhead graffiti, here,’ said Joel Breshin, the former regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Phoenix.”