Despite Republican Majority, Not All Evangelicals Vote the Same

Source: The Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

On April 23, 2004 The Religion and Ethics Newsweekly published the second in a series of articles on America’s evangelical Christians. The article notes, “There are dozens of evangelicals in Congress, a reflection of the growing strength of evangelical voters around the country.
According to our poll, an overwhelming number of all white evangelicals, 70 percent, are Republican or lean toward the party that now occupies the White House. The one reason more than any is abortion, which has been and still is a defining issue for most evangelicals… Not all evangelicals share the same view on abortion or politics. Most African Americans, who make up 15 percent of all evangelicals, vote Democratic, as do most evangelical Hispanics. Our survey found the issues that matter most to African-American and Hispanic evangelicals are the economy and jobs.”