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Interfaith Rally Held In Boston In Support Of Muslim Americans

Author: Staff Writer

Source: NECN

A call for peace.

People of all faiths rallied in Boston, Massachusetts today in support of Muslim Americans.

This comes amid growing anti-Muslim sentiment — just days ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Reignited Ire Buffets Muslim Students

Author: Lisa Wangsness

Source: The Boston Globe

Laila Alawa fiddled with her cellphone, pretending she hadn’t heard what an apparently intoxicated man near her on the MBTA had said about “her people’’ wanting to build the “ground zero mosque.’

Growing up in a large Muslim family in upstate New York and New Hampshire, Alawa had often drawn stares because of her headscarf, and sometimes endured harassment from neighborhood children. But this summer, as she shuttled between research jobs at Wellesley College and MIT, the looks and questions from strangers about where she was from seemed to come more often, and with a sharper edge.


For Local Muslims, Spiritual Recharging During Ramadan

Author: Robert Knox

Source: The Boston Globe

Muslims observing the month of Ramadan give up eating and drinking during daylight hours every day for 30 days. And when Ramadan falls in the long days of summer, many give up half their sleep as well.

 Facing up to 15 hours without food and water when Ramadan began at the height of summer last month, Muslims — including an estimated 70,000 in Massachusetts, most of them in the Boston area — wake well before sunrise to eat a light meal before the fast begins. And a daily routine that includes special Ramadan prayers and Koran recitations at night lasting from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. leaves little time for sleeping.

Utah Senator Backs NYC Mosque

Author: Lisa Wangsness

Source: The Boston Globe

One of the nation’s leading Mormon elected officials has cited the battle over a Mormon temple in Belmont in arguing that Muslims should be allowed to build a mosque near ground zero.

Senator Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, said mosque proponents “have every right’’ to carry out their plans in New York, just as Mormons had a right to build their temple, despite neighborhood opposition.

Muslims And Jews Gather In Cambridge to Break a Fast, And Raise Money for Pakistan Flood Victims

Author: Masha Rifkin

Source: The Boston Globe

Two hundred Muslims and Jews gathered in Cambridge Monday evening to share an iftar: the evening meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan.

The dinner was organized jointly by the American Jewish Committee Boston chapter (AJC) and the American Islamic Congress (AIC) in order to raise funds for victims of the flood in Pakistan.

Mass. Muslims Fire Back At Cahill Over Comments

Author: Caitlin Yoshiko Buysse and Russell Contreras

Source: The Bay State Banner

Muslim leaders in Massachusetts fired back Friday at gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill, who they accused of making “bigoted” statements after Gov. Deval Patrick met with members of the Muslim community.

In a statement, a coalition of Muslim leaders called Cahill’s remarks “bigoted … undignified” and “anti-democratic,” and said the governor has a right to meet with members of all religious backgrounds.

Patrick met last month with around 1,200 Massachusetts Muslim leaders who wanted to raise awareness about their faith and become more civically engaged.

Religious Leaders Unite to Blast Cahill

Author: Michael Levenson

Source: The Boston Globe

Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim leaders, adorned in the vestments of their respective faiths, stood shoulder to shoulder on the steps of a Roxbury mosque yesterday and strongly condemned state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill for blasting Governor Deval Patrick’s conciliatory tone at a forum at the mosque last weekend.

Yesterday’s gathering included leaders from the Archdiocese of Boston, the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, the Massachusetts Council of Churches, some of Boston’s most prominent black churches, and several Jewish temples.

One by one, they strode to a microphone in front of an audience of several hundred members of the mosque and said they were incensed that Cahill had equated Patrick’s support for the Muslim community to “playing politics with terrorism,’’ had accused the governor of “pandering to spe cial interests,’’ and had chastised Muslim leaders for not doing enough to rein in radicals.

Cahill Draws Flak for Comments On Muslim Community

Author: Martin Finucane and Michael Levenson

Source: The Boston Globe

Governor Deval Patrick’s campaign said today that gubernatorial challenger Tim Cahill was engaging in “fear-mongering” when he criticized Patrick’s attendance last weekend at a forum with the Muslim community.

Patrick “has been and will remain committed to meeting with all of the Commonwealth’s residents, regardless of religion, who care deeply about the real issues that matter in people’s lives, like jobs, better schools, affordable health care and a safe and healthy environment,” the campaign said in a statement.

“That is what people need from their governor, and why the residents of Massachusetts will overwhelmingly reject the fear-mongering and negative political tactics of Tim Cahill,” the statement said.

Patrick told more than 1,100 Muslims at a Roxbury mosque on Saturday that he knew many had encountered discrimination and racial profiling since Sept. 11 and that he would do everything in his power to combat those problems, the Globe reported Sunday.

Deval Patrick Vows Support for Muslims

Author: Marie Szaniszlo

Source: Boston Herald

In his largest meeting with Boston-area Muslims, Gov. Deval Patrick agreed yesterday to take aim at ensuring their rights and addressing racial profiling.

The session came little more than a week after two Bay State Muslims were arrested in a raid following an attempted car bombing in Times Square in New York.

More than 1,100 Muslims attended the forum at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and Mosque in Roxbury, where Patrick was given one minute to answer “yes” or “no” to seven questions, including whether he would:

Have law enforcement agency heads and others meet with Muslims to discuss the need for cultural awareness training.

Islamic Center Hopes to Educate All About Their Religion

Author: Chris Bergeron

Source: The MetroWest Daily News

“As-Salamu Alaykum,” said Dr. Malik Khan, welcoming a visitor to the Islamic Center of Boston. “Peace be unto you.”

As president of the ICB, he’ll join fellow Muslims on Saturday offering a traditional greeting to visitors of all faiths to celebrate with them the 30th anniversary of the Wayland center.

“We want to open our doors so people can get to know each other as people,” said the Needham resident serving a third two-year term as president. “We are all facing complicated issues. Knowing each other better helps to reduce tension.”

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., members are inviting visitors into the center at 126 Boston Post Road, Wayland, to meet them and learn about the beliefs and history of Islam, one of the world’s great monotheistic religions with an estimated 1.5 billion adherents.