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In Observing Muslim Holiday, Cambridge Notes Its Diversity

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Boston Globe

The Cambridge school system’s decision to close school for one of two important Muslim holidays is a good way to promote the acceptance of Muslim students, especially at a time when many people are concerned about rising anti-Muslim sentiments in the country. It’s also a sensible response to changing demographics in Cambridge schools. While every school system should be free to devise its own approach to religious holidays, Cambridge’s decision to close schools for a Muslim holiday is consistent with its policy for closing on Christian and Jewish celebrations, and should be respected.


Muslims, Middle Schoolers, and Lawsuits

Author: Joe Laycock

Source: Sightings

In May, Wellesley Middle School took a class field trip to see the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) in Roxbury. The curriculum had previously included field trips to a synagogue as well as performances of gospel music and lectures by Hindu religious leaders. As with most middle-school field trips, students must bring permission slips and parents are recruited as chaperones.

Clergy Join to Fight Housing Law Repeal

Author: David Abel

Source: The Boston Globe

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clergy gathered yesterday at Trinity Church in Copley Square to urge Massachusetts residents to vote no on Question 2, which would repeal the state’s affordable housing law.


They said overturning the law, known as Chapter 40B, would make it harder to build homes for senior citizens, working families, and others in need of affordable housing.

School System to Get Muslim Holiday

Author: Brock Parker

Source: The Boston Globe

As a Muslim and a high school senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, 17-year-old Dunia Kassay faces a tough choice every year on Islamic holy days: go to school or stay home to be with family and friends.


If she stays home, Kassay says, she will be forced to play catch-up and make up her school assignments. But if she goes to school, she will be neglecting what she feels is her religious obligation on holidays such as Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.

ADL Leaders Defend Opposition to Mosque Near Ground Zero

Author: David Abel

Source: The Boston Globe

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, was confronted at the organization’s annual meeting today in Boston by members who suggested his opposition to a proposed Islamic center near the site of the terrorist attacks in New York has sullied the century-old organization’s reputation for fighting prejudice and promoting religious freedom.

After Foxman delivered an address about the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States, one audience member at the Sheraton Boston Hotel urged him to consider changing the leadership’s position about the location of the so-called Ground Zero mosque. He described it as “wrong substantively and wrong strategically” and said it put the ADL “in bed with bigots” and gives them “the cover of legitimacy.”

A Backdrop On Islam In America

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Harvard Gazette

American leaders who criticize the proposed Islamic community center in lower Manhattan are not only shamelessly exploiting American fears about Islam for political gain, but are fruitlessly flailing against a new demographic reality, said Ali Asani, professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic religion and cultures at Harvard.

Asani was among the participants at a packed teach-in on Tuesday (Sept. 21) in Boylston Hall that explored why the proposed center has become such a national controversy.

The Lesson Here Is to Engage in Dialogue With Muslims

Author: Diana L. Eck

Source: The Boston Globe

The furor over Wellesley sixth-graders’ visit to a mosque is just one more volley fired at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center by Americans for Peace and Tolerance. In a climate in which Muslims have been constantly misrepresented by other voices than their own, the opportunity to hear Muslims speak about themselves is a priceless part of learning. Bravo to the Wellesley schools for incorporating such experience into their curriculum.

Praying By Pupils At Mosque Decried

Author: Erica Noonan and Katrina Ballard

Source: The Boston Globe

Wellesley’s school superintendent apologized yesterday for allowing middle school pupils to participate in a prayer service during a field trip to a Roxbury mosque last spring.

The apology to parents was made after a group that has been critical of Islamic Society of Boston Community Center — New England’s largest mosque and Muslim cultural center — released a 10-minute video featuring footage of Wellesley pupils bowing their heads during a prayer service.