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Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life | April 29, 2016 | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly | PBS

“The usual notion is that Christianity would have a special problem dealing with intelligence out there, because it would take us away from being the center of the universe. For some people that’s very threatening, because somehow we won’t be as special as we have been,” says astronomer and former NASA historian Steven Dick. More →

Source: Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life | April 29, 2016 | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly | PBS

Mission Field: Boston

Author: Erica Noonan

Source: The Boston Globe

Within the walls of a traditional New England church that saw its longtime membership diminish and depart in recent years, a new band of faithful is growing quickly. 

Redeemer Fellowship Church started 14 months ago with fewer than 20 people — including its pastor, the Rev. Chris Bass, and his wife, Brandi — in the former Phillips Congregational building on Mount Auburn Street. They will celebrate Christmas next weekend with nearly 100 members, drawn to a Gospel-driven style of worship that is springing up with increasing frequency around Greater Boston.

Boston Women Gather to Celebrate Circles Of Names

Author: Kathryn M. Lohre

Source: The National Council of Churches News Service

In a beautiful New England fall morning, more than 40 women gathered at Harvard Divinity School to tell their stories about the women who have shaped their lives of faith, and to build a future for women’s ministries and gender justice in our churches and society.


The event, one of several local events taking place this fall, was part of the National Council of Churches Circles of Names campaign.