Celebration of Religious Pluralism in Milwaukee

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On April 26, 1999, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
published an article on the Celebration of Religious Pluralism at the
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union, held on Sunday, April 25th,
and sponsored by The Milwaukee Association for Interfaith Relations.
About 150 people participated in small group discussions, a peace
dance, and other activities. Rev. Martin E. Marty, a retired
University of Chicago professor and director of the Public Religion
Project, was the keynote speaker. Marty stated: “those of you who
sometimes think it’d be nice if we were all one faith: In the United
States, where we have all this pluralism, you have the highest
participation in religion of any of the industrialized nations in the
world.” Judi Longdin, chairwoman of the Milwaukee Association for
Interfaith Relations, stated that despite the relative lack of
diversity in Milwaukee as compared to the two coasts, it is “seeing
rapid growth in the Muslim and Buddhist communities.”