• Fremont, U.S.A.
    Rachel Antell, Elinor Pierce, and the Pluralism Project, DVD, 2008
    Produced and directed by Pluralism Project Affilliate Rachel Antell and Senior Researcher Elinor Pierce, and narrated by Dr. Diana L. Eck, this documentary film offers a glimpse of religious diversity on the local level: Fremont, California is a city transformed by new immigration. Through civic engagement and interfaith action, strangers have become neighbors. Yet Fremont has also faced real challenges, especially after 9/11. Fremont, U.S.A. makes the challenges of pluralism vivid, visible, and accessible for discussion.
  • A Son's Sacrifice
    Yoni Brook, 2006
    Directed and produced by a Jew and a Muslim, this documentary film tells the story of a young American Muslim man who takes over his father's slaughterhouse business in Queens, New York, as it unpacks the larger themes of immigrant identity and interfaith relations.
  • Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath
    Valerie Kaur, 2006
    Writer and producer Valarie Kaur, an American college student, journeys across the country in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, to capture the unheard stories of individuals and communities caught in the cross-fire; she seeks to discover “who counts as ‘one of us’ in a world divided into ‘us’ and ‘them.’”
  • Acting on Faith: Women's New Religious Activism in America
    Rachel Antell and the Pluralism Project, DVD and VHS, 2005
    Produced and directed by Pluralism Project Affiliate Rachel Antell, and narrated by Dr. Diana L. Eck, this documentary film offers an intimate look at the lives and work of three American women – one Buddhist, one Hindu, and one Muslim – for whom faith, activism, and identity are deeply intertwined.
  • Dr. Diana Eck: Pluralism in America
    Hartley Film Foundation, 2005
    Produced by the Hartley Film Foundation, this film features Dr. Diana L. Eck’s keynote speech for the September 2004 Interfaith Conference sponsored by the Interfaith Education Initiative of the Episcopal Church interspersed with more intimate interview footage.
  • Becoming the Buddha in L.A.
    WGBH, VHS, 1993
    With a focus on the increasing religious diversity of the U.S., this documentary film chronicles the experience of young Buddhists in Los Angeles as they participate in age-old traditions in a new context.