Religious Pluralism in America: Pluralism Project Student Fall Research Conference

On October 15, 2003, the Pluralism Project and the Center for the Study of World Religions  co-sponsored “Religious Pluralism in America: Pluralism Project Student Fall Research Conference.”


4:00 PM Opening remarks by Dr. Diana Eck

4:15–5:15 PM Mapping a New Religious Landscape

  • The Religious Diversity of the Northern Plains: North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming – Scott Buquor
  • Mapping Religious Diversity in Idaho – Chelsea Hanson
  • Santeria in Diaspora Community – Jeslyn Miller
  • Islam in South Florida – Samsul Maarif and Ahmad Muttaqin

5:15–6:15 PM Exploring Religious Diversity

  • Native American Spirituality in Ottawa County, Oklahoma – Cassie Tritthart
  • Networking Within and Beyond the Temple Walls: Current Developments in the Greater Boston Jain Community – Anastasia Piliavsky
  • Interfaith Youth Service – Christina Wright
  • Shifts in the Institutional Framework of the American Zoroastrian Community: From Elders to Youth – Susan Karani

6:15–6:45 PMDinner Break6:45–7:15 PM Religio-Ethnic Sensibilities and the Dotbusters of New Jersey

  • Interfaith Collaboration in Hudson County, New Jersey During and After the “Dotbuster” Bias Crimes Against Asian Indians in the 1980s – Lauren-Ann Williams
  • Racial-Religious Prejudice: A Long Battle – Sachit Kohli
  • Religious and Ethnic Identity – Yasmin Malhotra
  • Interviewing for Dotbusters of Jersey City -Anuva Kalawar

7:15–8:15 PM  Post 9/11 Realities and Challenges

  • American Sikhs’ Political Roles After Sept. 11 – Gurpreet Kaur
  • The Impact of the Iraq Crisis Upon the Interaction of the Iraqi Sunni, Shi’i & Christian Populations of Michigan – Saeed Khan
  • The Impact of High-profile, Terror-related Arrests on the Muslim Community of Portland, Oregon – Wasim Shah Rahman
  • American Muslim Women University Students: The Significance of Clothing – Shabana Mir

8:15 PM Closing Remarks by Dr. Diana Eck