Consultation on Religious Discrimination and Accommodation

In February 1999, the Pluralism Project was awarded a grant from the Ford Foundation to enable us to host a consultation on religious discrimination and accommodation. This consultation, held May 17 at Harvard University, brought together representatives from advocacy groups of America’s diverse religious traditions. Dr. Diana L. Eck, Project Director and Professor of Comparative Religions, moderated the lively conversation. Topics included religious needs and issues of discrimination in the “public square,” including the workplace, hospitals, and schools.




I) Issues in the Workplace

II) Issues related to Zoning or Land Rights

III) Hate Crimes, Racial or Religious Intolerance

IV) Issues related to Political Participation (Local, State or National)

V) Issues in the Military

VI) Issues in the Prisons

VII) Issues in Hospitals and Health Care

VIII) Issues in the Schools

IX) Special Issues Distinctive to Each Community