“Students Send New Year’s Greeting to Cambodian American Neighbors”

Curious City
Portland, Maine

This weekend, Cambodians Americans in Maine and Cambodians around the world, celebrate the New Year.   In celebration of that holiday, third and forth graders from Canal School in Westbrook, Maine joined Peaks Island, Maine author/illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien to listen to a reading from O’Brien’s book about Cambodians Americans, A Path of Stars.  Together they created greeting cards with “Happy New Year” written in KhmerKhmer refers to the indigenous people of Cambodia and their language, the official language of Cambodia., the language of Cambodia, and hand-drawn lotus blossoms for the Buddhist templeBuddhist temples differ considerably from one another depending upon culture and particular school, but most are associated with the residence of the sangha of monks. Theravada temples focus on one or more images of Sakyamuni Buddha. In Mahayana and Vajra... in Buxton, Maine.

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