“Not in Our Town!”

“Not in Our Town: Billings, Montana”
PBS/The Working Group

Filmaker: Patrice O’Neill

Not In Our Town and Not In Our School are both projects of The Working Group, an Oakland-based nonprofit founded in 1988. Not In Our Town was launched in 1995 with our landmark PBS film that documented the heroic efforts of Billings, Montana citizens who stood up for their neighbors after a series of hate crimes. The original Not In Our Town campaign catalyzed a diverse grassroots movement that inspired hundreds of communities in the United States and around the world to take action against hate. 

Not In Our Town’s mission is to guide, support and inspire people and communities to work together to stop hate and build safe, inclusive environments for all. We believe that change takes place at the local level, which is why we seek to foster and support models of change that result in resilient, locally-driven efforts to address intolerance and hate. To do so, we create films, media and online resources that uplift best practices in hate crime prevention and engage diverse participation in civic life. Further, NIOT connects, coaches and convenes local communities, leaders and activists who share our mission.

[To view introductory video, visit “About Not in Our Town.”]