Guru Nanak on Religious Freedom, 1994

In Washington, D.C. the editor of a Sikh newsletter reflected on the historic occasion of President Clinton’s signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, an event at which Sikhs were present.

This was almost a hundred years after the first Sikh migrants came to North America. Today over 300,000 Sikhs have adopted United States as their home. As we grow here as a community future generations of Sikhs will carry on the universal and eternal message of Guru Nanak in the United States. Our Gurus’ vision continues to hold true today in America as it was in India five hundred years ago—of a society where people are constantly aware of the Infinite within, where they live by honest labor and share with others.

[From The Newsletter of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, Washington, D.C. (Spring 1994). By permission of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation.]