Gov. Nikki Haley: South Carolina Interfaith Harmony Month

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley declares January 2013 “South Carolina Interfaith Harmony Month.” Haley, a Republican, was elected in 2010 and is the state’s first Indian American governor. Governor Haley’s declaration was part of a series of events organized by Interfaith Partners of South Carolina to honor South Carolina Interfaith Harmony Month.

January 2013

A lot of what I think people in this country know is that we are blessed in this country because we have so many faiths that come together, we have so many nationalities that come together. That is what makes America the best country in the world. And the fact that we celebrate that. We celebrate it but we don’t always talk about it. And because we don’t always talk about it, it leaves people somewhat limited. And so what I appreaciate all of you doing is starting to talk about it. What I ask that you do more of it. We need more education. People are fearful of what they don’t know. And what I know is that when my parents raised me they said everyone has their own path and our job is to respect that path. And so that is what I have always done. I think South Carolina has made huge strides. I mean, the fact that they elected an Indian American female says a lot [chuckles]. The fact that we just appointed an African American United States senator says a lot. But on the topic of religion or faith, that has not necessarily been talked about. It came up a little bit with Kennedy and that was kind of brushing the waters and then it came up big with Mitt Romney. I think it’s only goingto be talked about more. But it has to be talked about the way we talk about race which is, or nationalities, which is this is bringing more to the table, than trying to take anything away from anybody. 

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