“After Long Legal Battle, Hindu Temple in Bridgewater Wins Expansion Approval”

The Star-Ledger 
May 3, 2009

DavidDavid was the King of Israel (c. 1000 BCE) credited with uniting the many tribes of Israel into a centralized kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital. David is said to have planned for the Temple in Jerusalem, which was subsequently built by his son Solomon... Giambusso

After a five-year battle with the Bridgewater zoning board, the Sri Venkateswara Hindu TempleA temple is a house of worship, a sacred space housing the deity or central symbol of the tradition. The Temple in Jerusalem was the holy place of the Jewish people until its destruction by the Romans in 70 CE; now the term “temple” is used by th. Ref... has won approval for a major expansion of its facility, despite resistance from the township and neighboring residents.

In 2004, temple officials approached the township seeking approval for a large-scale expansion of their cultural center on Route 202, as well as additional housing for priestsA priest is the leader of a religious community or congregation, specially trained and often ordained to service, who leads members of the community in the rituals and practice of shared and individual life. Many traditions have forms of priesthood.In the..., and a parking garage.

Neighbors of the 20.5 acre site complained the expansion would encroach on their property and cause increased traffic. Bridgewater denied the expansion three times—in January 2005, December 2005, and May 2006—prompting the temple to file state and federal lawsuits against the township.

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