Rachel Antell

Rachel Antell received an MTS from Harvard Divinity School in 1992 and an MA in documentary film and video from Stanford University in 2001. Her production experience includes two CD-ROMs: On Common Ground: World Religions in the United States, and Encarta Africana: An Encyclopedia of Black History and Culture. Her film, Death on a Friendly Border (digital video, 25:48) won an Angelus Award, has been broadcast on several PBS stations, and has appeared in festivals around the world including the United Nations Association Film Festival, the Havana Film Festival, and DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival.

Rachel Antell served as the Project Manager for Active Voice’s IslamIslam in Arabic literally means “submitting” or “submission.” One who submits or surrenders his or her will to God is called a Muslim. While the whole of God’s creation is described as being inherently Muslim, human beings must choose whether to... Project, a national community engagement initiative that used two PBS documentaries as springboards for interfaith and inter-community dialogue. She currently works in the Bay Area as an independent documentary filmmaker. Her latest projects include acting as associate producer for Hold Your Breath, a documentary about an Afghani American man’s battle with stomach cancer, and his clashes with the American medical system; and serving as the editor for Occupied Minds, a one-hour documentary about an Israeli and a Palestinian currently living in the US who journey back to their homeland together, produced by Jamal Dajani and DavidDavid was the King of Israel (c. 1000 BCE) credited with uniting the many tribes of Israel into a centralized kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital. David is said to have planned for the Temple in Jerusalem, which was subsequently built by his son Solomon... Michaelis and airing on Link-TV.

About Acting on Faith: Women’s New Religious Activism in America

Acting on Faith: Women’s New Religious Activism in America is a documentary film that offers an intimate look at the lives and work of three American women–one Buddhist, one Hindu, and one Muslim–for whom faith, activism, and identity are deeply intertwined.

For more about the film, including clips and purchasing instructions, visit Acting on Faith: Women’s New Religious Activism in America.