Rev. Dr. Marcia Moret Sietstra

The Rev. Dr. Marcia Moret Sietstra is a retired pastorA pastor (from the Latin word for shepherd) is a member of the clergy with responsibility for a particular congregation. For Lutherans, it is a formal title for a parish minister. within the United ChurchThe term church has come to wide use to refer to the organized and gathered religious community. In the Christian tradition, church refers to the organic, interdependent “body” of Christ’s followers, the community of Christians. Secondarily, church ... of Christ. She earned a doctorate of ministryMinister is a general term for a member of the clergy in the Christian church. The term has also come to use in other religious traditions to designate a member of the clergy (as in the Jodo Shinshu tradition and the Nation of Islam). from Andover-Newton Theological School in 2012. Sietstra is the author of three cases, all set in the Midwest, that are now part of the Pluralism Project’s Case Study Initiative. The first case, Invitation to a Tri-Faith Neighborhood, developed out of a project during her D.Min. program at Andover Newton. Additional cases include Gaza Reverberates in Nebraska and Sister MaryMary was the mother of Jesus and, as such, has a special place in the affection and devotion of Christians. The Gospels of Luke and Matthew speak of her as a Virgin who conceived Jesus by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Devotion to the Virgin Mary, also cal... and the Muslim Doctors.

Selected Links and Publications

  • Case Study: Invitation to a Tri-Faith Neighborhood [A]and [B] cases [online]
  • Case Study: Gaza Reverberates in Nebraska
  • Case Study: Sister Mary and the Muslim Doctors [A]and [B] cases [.pdfs]