Kris Snibbe

Kris Snibbe photographed BuddhismBuddhism is a multi-hued tradition of life, thought, and practice that has developed from the teaching and practice of Siddhartha Gautama (6th century BCE) who came to be called the Buddha, the awakened one. The three major streams of the tradition—Ther... in China and Tibet in 1997. As an affiliate of the Pluralism Project, he documented Cambodian, Vietnamese, and other Buddhist communities in Greater Boston. As a staff photographer at the Harvard Office of News and Public Affairs since 1993, Snibbe has covered a wide range of University events. His work appears regularly in the Harvard University Gazette and has also appeared in publications such as Boston Magazine and Der Spiegel.

Snibbe’s From Lynn to Lhasa exhibition featured images of Cambodian, Chinese and Tibetan Buddhists. From Lynn to Lhasa opened at the Hilles Library Gallery in Cambridge, MA on May 10, 2003 and ran through June 14, 2003 with partial support from the Pluralism Project and the Harvard Buddhist Community. The exhibition was on display at the College ChapelA chapel is a place of worship, smaller than the sanctuary of a church or synagogue, or in an institutional setting such as a college or hospital. of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, from January 26 to March 31, 2003.

Lynn to Lhasa flyer - Snibbe

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