Dr. Jeanne Kilde and Dr. Gayle Graham Yates

Dr. Jeanne Kilde and Dr. Gayle Graham Yates became Pluralism Project affiliates in 2000. Together, they collaborated on a project from 2000-2003 to engage their students in research in research on the religious diversity of the Twin Cities. Both professors taught classes on the contemporary religious scene in the United States: Dr. Kilde’s “American Religion, Twentieth Century” class was offered through the Religious Studies department at Macalester College and Dr. Graham Yates’ “Thought and Practice of American Religions” class offered through the American Studies Program at the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis Campus. Today, Dr. Kilde is the director of the religious studies program at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Graham Yates is an emeritus professor of American studies at the University of Minnesota.

At the time of their research, Drs. Kilde and Graham Yates wrote:

Since the Pluralism Project’s examination of the Twin Cities’ religious scene in 1992 and 96, Minnesota’s major metropolitan area has experienced profound growth, particularly through immigration. Hispanics, Hmong and pther Southeast Asians, Somalis and other East and West Africans, and Russians have not only found attractive economic opportunities in the area but also have been sponsored by numerous Twin Cities religious organizations. Many new religious organizations have formed, transforming the area’s religious landscape. As during earlier periods of immigration, however, the integration of new immigrants into the social fabric has not always gone smoothly, and the Twin Cities have experienced a number of incidents in which religious individuals, practices, and buildings have been targets of abuse. Thus the project will deal with social justice issues and responses to religious and interreligious intolerance and hate-based crimes and exclusions.

The consultative group assembled by the research team for this project included:

  • Dr. Mary Farrell Bednarowski – United Theological Seminary (New Brighton, MN)
  • Ms. Sue Ebbers – United Theological Seminary (New Brighton, MN)
  • Rabbi Joseph Edelheit – Temple Israel (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Dr. Caesar Farah – Afro-American Studies, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Edward M. Griffin – English, American Studies, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Indira Junghare – Asian and Slavic Languages and Literature, Institute for Linguistics, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. James Laine – Religious Studies, Macalester College (St. Paul, MN)
  • Ms. Celia Hales Mabry – Wilson Library, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. William Malandra – Religious Studies, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Judith Martin – Geography, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Anthony Pinn – Religious Studies, Macalester College (St. Paul, MN)
  • Dr. Thomas Scott – Political Science, CURA, University of Minnesota
  • Mr. Fred Smith – CURA, University of Minnesota

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