Shenila S. Khoja-Moolji

Shenila S. Khoja-Mooli was a student at Harvard Divinity School and a research associate at the Pluralism Project in 2011 when she conducted research and wrote “An Emerging Model of Muslim Leadership: Chaplaincy on University Campuses.”


During the last couple of decades, a new model of Muslim leadership has emerged in the United States: the institution of Muslim chaplaincy. This study seeks to provide an overview of this institution on university campuses. In the post 9/11 context, Muslim chaplainsA chaplain is a member of the clergy who serves in a prison, a hospital, a college, or some other institution outside the context of the normal congregational life of a religious community. play a crucial role on campuses by humanizing the American Muslim experience and building bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims. The institution of Muslim chaplaincy also provides a critical avenue for Muslim women’s public religious leadership. Interviews with 25 Muslim chaplains and their colleagues provide information about Muslim chaplains’ roles and responsibilities, the opportunities and challenges they encounter, and future trends.

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