Eric Barbee

Eric Barbee’s 2001 research on the religious diversity of Arkansas was undertaken while he was a student at Harvard Divinity School. This research was situated within the geographic, economic, and social diversity of the state of Arkansas itself. Focusing on the eastern and northwestern regions, Barbee’s work investigated both the urban contexts of Little Rock and Fayetteville as well as rural areas. This distinction is especially important in a state where almost half the population lives outside of urban centers. Barbee’s work also attends to the relation between religious minorities and the dominant conservative ChristianityChristianity is the religious tradition of Christians: those who confesses faith in Jesus Christ, follow the path Christ taught, and gather together in the community of the church. of the “BibleThe Greek term biblia means the “books.” Bible is used in both the Jewish and Christian traditions to refer to the book which gathers together their sacred writings. The Hebrew Bible includes the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings—a collection re... Belt.”

Selected Links and Publications

  • Barbee, Eric. “Pluralistic Society.” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, November 24, 2001.