Elizabeth Varro

Elizabeth Varro begin her research during the summer of 2002 while a student at Harvard Divinity School. Her work included two phases. The initial phase involved updating profiles in the origin edition of On Common Ground, the Pluralism Project’s CD-ROM. The second and more extensive phase focused on the exploration of interfaith groups in Minnesota. Most of these groups were based in or near St. PaulPaul, an early Jewish convert to the way of Christ (about 33 CE), became the Apostle to the Gentiles, preaching the Gospel and establishing churches in Greece, Asia Minor, and Rome. Some thirteen letters of Paul to these early churches have become part of...; one group was from St. Cloud, about 80 miles north of the Twin Cities. She also spoke with members of the chaplaincy departments of several Twin Cities area hospitals, to find out how they handle the area’s increasing diversity.

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