Anisha Gade

Anisha Gade was a student at American University when she researched Telugu Associations in Wisconsin. Her project explored the South Indian (specifically Telugu) socio-cultural-religious patterns of Hinduism“Hindu” was originally a word given by the Greeks, then the Persians, to the land and peoples beyond the Indus or “Sindhu” River. The term “Hinduism” came into common use only in the 19th century to describe a complex and dynamic pattern of li... in the Wisconsin/northern Illinois area. It examined Telugu associations represented by Telugu people in Wisconsin in an effort to understand the ways in which religion seeps into the nominally socio-cultural terrain of these organizations. The project documented the ways in which Hindu templesA Hindu temple will be called a mandir in northern parts of India or a koyil in the south. There are many styles of temples and temple-complexes, but most temples are laid out according to precise dimensions and proportions and erected to be the symbolic ... are connected to Telugu associations as well as the ways in which templesA temple is a house of worship, a sacred space housing the deity or central symbol of the tradition. The Temple in Jerusalem was the holy place of the Jewish people until its destruction by the Romans in 70 CE; now the term “temple” is used by th. Ref... have become general community centers for the Indian-American community.

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