David H. Day

Professor David H. Day became an affiliate of the Pluralism Project in 2003 with “Encountering Old Faiths in New Places,” a project mapping religious diversity in the Rochester, NY area. The project was linked with Dr. Day’s course, Anthropology 202: “Human Religious Experience” at Monroe Community College.

Dr. Day and students enrolled in the course conducted ethnographic research on area religious institutions with focused ethnographic inquiries on a variety of religious and spiritual communities and faiths that were “new” to the Rochester area, especially those non-Judaeo-Christian groups in diaspora emerging in the United States since 1965. Dr. Day wrote at the time of this research: “Until quite recently, research on these groups has been largely neglected by researchers and scholars.” Some of the students focused specifically on the origins and growth of local ethnic Buddhist temples and others on profiles of mosques and temples.

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