Former Student Affiliates

Engaging students in the process of field research lies at the heart of the Pluralism Project. Throughout the Project’s history students have contributed as affiliates, summer interns, and staff members. These contributions run the gamut, from initial fieldwork on religious diversity in Boston, to the development of On Common Ground; from their work on convenings and special events to the creation and ongoing content development of Below is a historical list of student affiliates and their research topics and/or presentations. For a time, the Pluralism Project, thanks to a grant from the Ford Foundation, was able to offer stipends for student affiliates to pursue summer research.

Today, some of these former students, like Jeff Wilson, have gone on to pursue careers in the academic study of religion; others, like Greg McGonigle are religious leaders; still others have taken different paths entirely.

Former Student Affliates

Michael Allen
“Oriental” Orthodox Christianity: The Coptic, Ethiopian, Armenian, Syrian, and Indian Churches in America
Harvard Divinity School

Celia Arch
Hindu and Jain Temples in Atlanta, GA
Georgia State University

Eric Barbee
Mapping the Religious Diversity of Arkansas
Harvard Divinity School

Abbas Barzegar
The Dynamics of the Colorado Muslim Community: Pluralism as Seen Through the Study of Five Organizations
University of Colorado, Boulder

Marcia Beauchamp
Uses of the Building Bridges of Understanding Curriculum
California Institute of Integral Studies

George Bogden and Erin Biel
The Role of Religion in the Integration of Iraqi Refugees in New Haven, CT
Yale University

Michel Boudreaux
Ethnic Tibetan Buddhists and Indian Shi’ite Muslims in the Twin Cities, Minnesota
Augsburg College

Lori Calmbacher
Mapping Typologies of Interfaith Structures in the United States
Barnard College

Sarita Cargas
Attitudes Towards Interfaith Survey
Oxford University

Maribel Valencia Castillo
Hmong Shamans: A Journey to the Spirit World

Marguerite Kate Cauble
The South Indian Christian Community and Mapping in Houston, Texas
Harvard College

Ruth Craig
Elat Chayyim and the Jewish Renewal Movement
Harvard College

Erin Ehmen
The Buddhist Community and Mapping in Madison, Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Jessica Falcone
Hindutva and Vedanta Go to Camp: VHP and Chinmaya Summer Camps in the Washington D.C. Area
Cornell University

Beverley Foulks
Mapping Religious Communities and Interfaith Collaboration in San Diego
Harvard Divinity School

Anisha Gade
Telugu Associations in Wisconsin
American University

Daniel Glade
Mapping the Multi-religious Diversity of the Quad Cities: A case study in Asian religions outside major metropolitan areas
Illinois Wesleyan University

Sarah Therese Hader
Mapping the Multi-religious Demography of Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Pluralism Project
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Shiraz Hajiani
Islam in America Conference
Harvard Divinity School

Melinda Haley
The Role of the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya at the Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center in the U.S. Buddhist Community
Drew University

Chelsea Hanson
Mapping Religious Diversity in Idaho
Connecticut College

Omar Haque
Muslim Communities in Rhode Island
Harvard Divinity School

Kate Holbrook
Mapping Religious Diversity in Utah
Harvard Divinity School

Iza Hussin
The Politics of Women’s Worship: Space, Activism and Interfaith Horizons in American Islam
Georgetown University

Scott Hyslop
Mapping Religious Diversity in Montana
Montana State University

Brannon Ingram
Mississippi -Mapping the Muslim Communities
Reed College

Tonushree Jaggi
Apna Ghar: Domestic Violence and Reaching Out to Chicago’s Faith Communities
Harvard College

Zahra Jamal
Embodying Ethics, Performing Pluralism: Volunteerism among Ismailis in Houston, TX
Harvard University

Jason Ananda Josephson
Soka Gakkai in America: an Update
Stanford University

Gurpreet Kaur
American Sikhs’ Political Roles After Sept. 11
Cedar Crest College

Shenila S. Khoja-Moolji
An Emerging Model of Muslim Leadership: Chaplaincy on University Campuses
Pluralism Project at Harvard University

Joseph Laycock
Mapping Religious Diversity in Austin, Texas
Harvard Divinity School

Michael Linderman
Hindu Temples of New Jersey
University of Pennsylvania

Yang Liu
Mapping Buddhism in Austin- A Sociological Analysis of the Asian Immigrant Religion
University of Texas at Austin

Syamsul Ma’arif, Ahmad Muttaqin
Islam in South Florida
Gadja Mada University, Indonesia; Florida International University

Gregory McGonigle
Mapping Religious Diversity in Rhode Island
Harvard Divinity School

Katherine Rose Merriman
Beyond Park 51: Mosques and Muslim Communities in New York City Post 9/11
Speaker, Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS) 2011 Annual Conference

Jeslyn Miller
“How Shall We Sing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land:” Cuban Santeria in the New York City Diaspora Community
Harvard College

Shabana Mir
American Muslim Women University Students: The Significance of Clothing
Indiana University

Michelle Moritis
Hindu Identity and Hindu Summer Camps
Teachers College, Columbia University

Vanessa Munari
Double invisibilization and religious pluralism in the north east of Italy: A visual approach
Department of Sociology, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy

Martin Nguyen
Institutionalization and Practice Among Sufi Orders in Boston
Harvard Divinity School

Sarina Pasricha
The Inauguration ot the Hindu Temple of Delaware
Harvard College

Anastasia Piliavsky
Networking Within and Beyond the Temple Walls
Boston University

Ishanaa Nidhi Rambachan
Indo-Carribbean Hindu Temples in Minnesota
Eastview High School

Angela Rudert
Gender and Swaminarayan Hinduism in Atlanta, GA
Cornell University

Stephanie Saldaña
Religious Diversity in San Antonio, TX
Harvard Divinity School

Katy Shrout
Mapping Religious Diversity in Augusta. GA
Emory University

Christina Safiya Tobias-Nahi
The New Post 9/11 Reality: Isolation Versus Insulation
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Beth Varro
Mapping the Interfaith Landscape in Minnesota
Harvard Divinity School

Michele Verma
Indo-Caribbean Hindus in Queens, New York
Columbia University

Tracy Wells
Mapping Religious Diversity in South Carolina
Furman University

Brenda Whitlock
The Arizona Buddhist Temple 1936 – Present: A Historical Narrative
Arizona State University

Lauren-Ann Iysha Williams
Interfaith Collaboration in Hudson County New Jersey During and After the
Montclair State University

Jeff Wilson
Changing Minds: Cooperation and Contestation at a Pan-Sectarian Buddhist Holiday
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nasreen Yazdani
Mapping Baha’i Communities in San Diego County, California
Smith College

Benjamin Zeller
Mapping the Hindu Community in North-Central North Carolina;Transitions at New Goloka, North Carolina
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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