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£1.5m Swaminarayan Hindu Temple to be Built in Wellingborough

Source: Evening Telegraph

On February 26, 2004 the Evening Telegraph reported, “An ambitious new Hindu temple with facilities for the whole community could be built after plans were submitted to a council. The Swaminarayan Hindu Mission centre in Mill Road, Wellingborough, could double in size and become a temple by building on its existing site and onto an adjacent car park, extending all the way down to Victoria Road, if the designs are approved. The new £1.5m temple will be one of only 14 in the country and provide a 16,000sq ft place of worship for up to 700 people. The cost will be reduced because the Hindu faith calls on followers to support projects by fundraising and helping with manual jobs.
Hindus have been using the centre for 27 years and now religious leaders hope the new temple, which will also include a sports hall, will provide the wider community with recreation space and education about the faith.”

10,000 Worshippers to Come to Hindu Temple In Etobicoke

Author: Gurmukh Singh

Source: The Globe and Mail

In a religious spectacle never seen before on Canadian soil, about 10,000 Hindus from across North America are expected to converge on a $11-million marble-and-granite temple complex later this month in Etobicoke.

The consecration ceremonies will involve “holy water” brought from more than 250 rivers around the world, including the Ganges and the Yamuna in India and the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet.

Twenty specially trained priests, experts in chanting mantras from 10th-century BC scriptures, are being flown in from India for a week of rituals.

10 Jamaat Men Sued for ‘Attack on Temple’

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Bangladesh News

A case has been filed against 10 Jamaat leaders and activists at Bera Pora in Santhia upazila for attacking a Hindu temple on September 5.

President of Siddheshwari Puja Mandir Committee Pradip Kumar De filed the case with the local police station Wednesday.

The accused are Bera Pora unit Jamaat ameer and superintendent of Karamja Dakhil Madrasa Abu Daud, and Jamaat activists Shahjahan, Saidul, Nudu Mollah, Chan Mollah, Hafez, Lutfor, Awal, and Abu Taleb.

The complainant alleged that the accused attacked the temple while the local Hindus were celebrating Janmashtami, the birth of lord Krishna.

He said, “Armed with sticks and sharp weapons, they stormed the Mandir and threatened us to stop the three-day programme. They knocked down the shed built for the guests, cut down trees and damaged the rath (chariot).”

115 Years Didn’t Dim a Dream of Hindus

Author: Steve Schmadeke

Source: The Chicago Tribune,0,1886873.story

A Hindu temple that devotees say was 115 years in the making opened Sunday in southwest suburban Homer Glen.

Since 1967, the Vivekananda Vedanta Society has been in Hyde Park, but growing membership, lack of parking at the old site, an increasing percentage of members who live in the suburbs and a desire to fulfill the teachings of Swami Vivekananda led the society to build a new temple, said society spokesman Frank Parlato.

Vivekananda—famous in India for a speech he gave at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and his push back home for independence, work that reportedly inspired Mohandas Gandhi—referred in his writings to a “universal temple” that would teach meditation and the spiritual discipline of yoga to anyone from any faith for free, said Parlato.

More than 300 people gathered Sunday at the 32,000-square-foot temple, a mix of prairie-style and classic Hindu architecture, to see the new shrine room consecrated by a priest dressed in white, who burned incense while surrounded by seated monks in ocher robes, Parlato said. Five sacred images from the Hyde Park shrine were transferred to the new temple, he said, and the swamis moved into their new quarters there Sunday.

“It has a symbolism behind it. It’s transferring the universal energy into the shrine at this particular location,” Parlato said. “This was conceived 115 years ago and now has come to fruition.”

12 Muslims Fined for Malaysia Hindu Temple Protest

Author: Julia Zappei

Source: Alabama Live

Wire Service: AP

A Malaysian court Tuesday fined 12 Muslims and sentenced one of them to a week in prison for illegally protesting the construction of a Hindu temple and parading a severed cow’s head.

The protest last August stoked tensions among Malaysia’s three main ethnic groups-the Malay Muslim majority and Chinese and Indian minorities, most of them Buddhists, Christians or Hindus who have complained that their religious rights are often sidelined in favor of Islam.

13-Year Old Muslim Artist Paints Hindu Gods

Source: IBN Live

On February 21, 2006 IBN Live reported, “She does not paint masterpieces, but coming from a girl in early teens, her art is impressive to say the least.

Insha Manzoor, the artist, is the daughter of a Muslim truck driver from Mattan in Anantnag district. And while the world burns with protests over Prophet Mohammad’s cartoons, this 13-year-old girl from a humble background is painting Radha and Krishna.

Her paintings are a reflection of what she truly believes in and practices: A world undivided by religion.

‘Art knows no boundaries of religion. I want to say that like art, even people should not have any divides. We should all live together, peacefully,’ envisions Insha Manzoor, the young artist.

Her paintings range from portraits of Mahatma Gandhi to images from Hindu mythology.

But ask Insha about her favourite subject, and she doesn’t have to blink her eye.

‘I like painting Radha-Krishna. I paint them from my imagination,’ beams Insha.

Insha’s choice of subject did raise doubts among her family members initially. It could have been difficult for a Muslim girl to paint Radha and Krishna in a valley torn apart by religious strife.

But today, her parents are proud of their little daughter, who has followed her passion against all odds and made a difference.”

14 Hindus Get Life in Killing of 116 Muslims

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The New York Times

Wire Service: Reuters

An Indian court sentenced 14 Hindus to life on Saturday for killing 116 Muslims and burying their bodies in a cauliflower patch during one of India’s bloodiest religious riots almost 20 years ago.

A lower court in Bhagalpur District in the eastern state of Bihar said that the 14 could not get the death penalty because the case did not fall under the “rarest of rare cases.”

The 14 men, including a police officer, were part of a mob that hacked to death 116 Muslim men, women and children with swords and daggers on Oct. 27, 1989. More than 1,000 people, most of them Muslims, were killed in Bhagalpur during the rioting.

During a hearing in June, the court found all of the accused guilty.

Seven of the men are at least 60 years old now, the oldest is 82, according to court documents. Six other men accused of taking part in the killings have since died. Four others are missing.

The men are expected to appeal the verdict.

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